Steel and Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Steel Entry Doors

Steel Exterior Doors

Melco makes exterior doors for all tastes and lifestyles. Each door is made individually, with care, by renowned craftsmen and our skilled workers. Melco doors are waterproof, stylish and durable. If you’re dreaming of a door with an original design that will brighten your home, talk to your Melco dealer. We will turn your dreams into reality.

Steel Doors – Benefits and Performance

  • Paint resistant to flaking and yellowing
  • Kiln-dried pine frame for greater stability          
  • Magnetic polyethylene weather-strip provides flexibility and watertight protection
  • Wood-reinforced extruded aluminum threshold
  • High performance mold-resistant composite materials in the lower part of doors
  • Door injected with bonded polyurethane foam for outstanding insulation & stability with an R16 factor
  • No water infiltration even with winds up to 88 km / h




CAM / CGSB / 82.5 / M.88 

Tested in an independent laboratory

Anatomy of a Melco door

parties d'une porte
Premium magnetic-compression weatherstrip on handle side and top of frame
Additional "Polyflex" weatherstrip
Steel panels crimped on all 4 sides adds extra rigidity and prevents delamination
Colonial "executive" type PVC moulding around glass
Frame of 7 ¼" x 1 ¼" with vinyl cladding (with striations to prevent warping)
Solid lock block of 2 ¾" X 12" (18" optional) offers reinforcement and added security at the critical lock area.
Hot dipped galvanized steel panels. White, factory applied paint with a 20 year waranty
Polyethylene compression weatherstrip (on hinged side of frame)
Door injected with bonded polyurethane foam for outstanding insulation & stability (R16 factor)
Aluminium, wood reinforced sill (THERMALLY BROKEN)
New redesigned bottom sweep (positive protection against water and air infiltration)